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Workshop Nairobi provides handcrafted, quality and fine furniture.

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Located in the heart of Nairobi’s furniture industry, the Workshop Nairobi specialize in crafting unique Midcentury furniture that seamlessly blends style with functionality. Our mission is simple: to elevate homes and commercial spaces from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

We believe in the artistic process from start to the end product, that is from cutting down hardwoods, storing them to dry, and shaping them into timeless products. Our process starts with a simple sketch drawn on a paper, transitioning to full scale mock-ups and reiterations in order to fine-tune proportions and design. From there, the project moves toward the client’s preference of wood based on the grains, color and texture of the wood. The final piece is created with an artist’s eye for detail and perfection, drawing from the organic particulars of the wood.

We work with homeowners, designers, and contractors to coordinate projects from start to final product, tying in each detail with the overall design goals of each individual project.

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